Tour For Life – cycling against cancer

Bike riding for a healthier life

Together Through Europe

Going the distance for a good cause! Be there!

We ride together for a good cause and to experience a new beginning!

Berlin Alexanderplatz

June 2015 Berlin Alexanderplatz

With Tour for Life you can be a part of a group bike excursion through Europe. Be a part of a group that travels the world while supporting a social awareness project, especially when you are suffering from cancer. Reignite your optimism to beat anything! And even if you would only like simply join us on our bike ride you would be most welcome!

We strive for social awareness, and everyone’s invited!

We ride for a better and healthier life. Tour for Life – cycling against cancer, is for you, you me, and everyone.
Through our unique bike tour directly through Europe we are striving to increase awareness and show our fellow man that wonderful things can be achieved even after a serious diagnosis.

2015 – from Heidelberg via Freiburg to Salzburg

I am collecting donations for the charity: young adults with cancer, Nationale Centrum für tumor diseases and the braintumor society

Tour for Life 2015

There are many steps to complete the whole Tour. In August 2015 we began with a trip from Heidelberg to Freiburg and from Freiburg to Salzburg. Tour For Life is still in its infancy and is completely organized by me, and before we undertake a more lengthy tour it is important to me to get experience to ensure a smooth operation.
Here you’ll find an overview about the trips in 2015.

Tour for Life 2016 – bis goals, great trips

Gruppenbild am Tuniberg

This year I invite you to participate at the beautiful trip from Berlin via Usedom along the “Ostsee” to Copenhagen. In August there will an Alp-crossing along the via claudia Augusta take place.

In the end of March we already had a nice trip from Freiburg to Colmar (Alace).

Tour for Life through Europe

Even the biggest routes are never ordinary or along the beaten path. For the route through Europe I have tried to find the nicest paths along the Adria river. When we arrive in Istanbul we will have gone through the following areas:

  • Germany (Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Muenstern, Cologne, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Freiburg, Munich)
  • Switzerland (Basel, Zurich)
  • Austria (Salzburg, Wien, Graz)
  • Slovenia (Maribor)
  • Croatia (Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik)
  • Greece and Bulgaria (Florina, Thessaloniki,…)

Depending on weather and altitude we are planning on traveling between 60 and 80 km per day. The goal is to undertake an exciting bike journey and to enjoy the destinations for a few days as well.

Click here to see my appearance on the Jedermannbühne in Salzburg.

Tour For Life – for a social togetherness

The goal of Tour for Life is to raise awareness of the plight of the afflicted and to be role models in our communities. Through our grassroots activities we show that we are willing to work together toward a better life.

To support institutions, which offer support for people affected by cancer I’m willing to collect donations for:

  • Stiftung für Junge Erwachsene mit Krebs (DGHO),
  • das Nationale Centrum für Tumorerkrankungen (NCT),
  • Deutsche Hirntumorhilfe e. V.

with ride2live in Kirchzarten

Its your beautiful, wonderful life. Never give up!

I learned that its senseless to constantly be worrying about my illness and to always feel sorry for myself. Grab life by the horns! You will learn that an active lifestyle, contact with foreign cultures and social activism does good and is good for you.

Illnesses that have turned life on its head

Help locally

Although incredibly important, we want to do more than indirectly encourage donation to charitable organizations. During the Tour For Life I will visit rehabilitation facilities and offer our support to children as well as adults.  I want to be role model on how staying positive can spark hope at the darkest of times. Subsequently it´s possible to accompany me for a while.

The Motto – Never give up!

You will find that your optimism can move mountains and things that may have seemed impossible are, in fact, achievable. Take your life into your own hands and live it as you envision. Don’t let your illness dictate your life. Enjoy your life and stride boldly ahead.

Never give up on your goals, your dreams, and, most importantly, yourself.

Tour For Life

Mit Herz für Tour For Life

A matter of the heart

I am convinced that this ride (adventure, rather) makes healing possible. I hope to pass my optimism on to you through “Tour For Life – cycling against cancer”. I want to be an example of how to stay positive and look at things with a different perspective. Everyone is capable of changing their mindset and choosing their life path. It’s all about taking that those first steps, and we can do it together!

4000 km through Europe in 4 Months

You have the opportunity to participate!

The plan for 2015 is to begin our journey in June with a trip from Berlin to Potsdam. In August we will continue the tour with a trip from Heidelberg via Freiburg and Lake Constance to Salzburg. I want to encourage others to join me and positively impact as many people as we can along the way.  Click here for detailled information.

Everyday is a chance to take your life into your own hands and pave the way for change!

From Freiburg to Munich or around Lake Constance

In October 2014 the first official Tour “Einmal um den Bodensee took place. With a bit of lucky weather it is possible for more tours such as “From Freiburg to Zurich,” for example, to take place.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!
I am positive that Tour for Life will reignite the fire in your life and restore your enthusiasm.

I look forward to your participation!

Contact me to get more concrete details about Tour For Life and the next tours.

You can download the latest tour overview here.

  1. Hi,
    My name is Paul-Marie and i am living in Milan, but for this summer and as everysummer i was planning to do a bike trip in the black forest, starting from Freiburg.
    I read about your idea on Warmshowers and i would like to have more details about dates and also organization.
    I am willing to start my trip around the 9th of august.
    Thanks for clarifying to me some points related to the organization.
    Thanks and regards,

    • Hi Paul-Marie,

      thanks for your message!

      I started the Tour for Life as a bicycle tour for the good reason. As I was affected by cancer and was going through three operations I want to inpire others to join me and to gain more courage to face life. Also I want to support organisations which want to help people affected by cancer. The more people cycling with me, the more public awareness the project will receive. – So everyone is heartly invited to join me on the tour.
      Here you can find more information in english as well:

      This year I´m starting in Heidelberg on the third of August and will continue the tour in Freiburg on the 8th, arriving in Constance on the 10th and in Salzburg on the 22nd of August.

      I´d like to welcome you and invite you to join me on this tour.

      Best wishes

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"Die Tour For Life ist ein vorbildliches Radprojekt. Sie vereint die Aspekte von Gesundheitsförderung und Nachaltigkeit de Radfahrens mit dem Wunsch krebskranken Menschen und deren Angehörigen Mut zu machen und sie im Kampf gege die schwere Krankheit zu unterstützen. Ich wünsche allen Radfahrerinnen und Radfahrern eine sichere Fahrt und der Tour viel Erfolg!" (Winfried Hermann, Landesverkehrminister Baden-Württemberg)